Steps to Settling a Construction Dispute

The world of construction is a fluid place where anything can happen. Even the best made plans can become problematic thanks to delays in materials, or a lack of personnel. Claims are bound to happen during this process. Injuries, disputes and delays are all fodder for construction mediation. Here are the steps you need to take to solve the dispute.

Step One: Determine Your Standing

If you have evidence to support your side of the story, move on to the next step. You will need proper paper documentation, including daily logs, in order to prove you’ve upheld your end of the bargain. That means expert record keeping. If any of those documents go missing, you have a problem with your claim and should not move forward until you’ve spoken to an attorney.

If your case heads to trial, consider hiring a construction expert witness you can use to relay those facts in language a jury can understand. The worst possible outcome for a case is failure to adequately explain your side of the dispute, and an expert can help clarify some of the more complicated concepts to the lay person sitting in the court room.

Step Two: Determine Potential Gains/Losses

In some situations, a claim may be worth pursuing because you don’t stand to gain much for the time and effort. If you will be able to reclaim significant costs, you should consider mediating your dispute. Be sure that you also perform credit checks for future jobs, so you can be sure the client is willing to pay.

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