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A Dispute Over Refinery UpgradesA Dispute Over Refinery Upgrades

Construction turnaround services are planned years in advance to make sure that the impact to workflow is minimal. The extensive planning is to be sure that there are no mistakes, as extended down time is costly for the owners of the plant. During all phases of planning, it’s important to allocate risk and document everything. […]


Business Plan BasicsBusiness Plan Basics

Could your small business be doing better? If you think it could do better, maybe your business is under-performing for one (or more!) of these sneaky reasons. – Lack of strategic business focus – Intense competition – Not enough time in the day – Lack of profitability – The team isn’t working well together – […]


Strategic Management : Is your business going where you want it to go?Strategic Management : Is your business going where you want it to go?

… Because if it isn’t, you probably need to do some Strategic Management to get your business pointed in the right direction. Strategic management is an approach to running your business that focuses on delivering the long term outcomes you really want. Strategic management transforms your business, so that it satisfies your top priority desires. […]