Positioning – The Battle for your Mind

by Al Ries and Jack Trout

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind is all about developing a strategic focus for your business. And doing it from your customers point of view. The book helps you to see what your business delivers as a bundle of benefits that motivate customers to buy from you rather than your competition.
Being clear on what makes you different from competitors is essential if you want your business to prosper. The examples used highlight the fact that what you think about your business is not really that important. What really matters is what customers think of your business.

The challenge is to manage customer perceptions of your product/service offering in a way that entrenches and capitalises on a recognised competitive advantage. All businesses need a Unique Selling Proposition, a phrase coined by the authors of this book.

Positioning is a must read for small business owners. It gives you that all important strategic perspective that makes you more than just a me too operator. The positioning concept empowers you to make a piece of the market your own. So take the plunge …