Steps for Building your Business

Businesses don’t fail to reach their potential because of bad business ideas. Normally the business idea is fine. But the execution of business ideas is often not good enough, mainly because it is not done in a planned, systematic fashion.

Using a focused strategic planning approach will transform your business, creating the success you want so badly. So here are the steps you need to take to systematically build your business.

The Model shows how parts of the business building process fit together, so that nothing falls through the cracks and is neglected, when you build your business :

Business Building Model

The Model is layered and you start at the bottom. After Building your Mission (number 1) you move on to Analysing the Business (number 2) and so on. Follow the numbers and click on the different steps in the diagram. Read about what you have to do each time, and come back here when you are finished.

The model is shaped like an inverted pyramid because you start off with a single business idea. And as you move on to successive stages in the business building process, ideas are expanded and built upon until a comprehensive, broadly based Strategic Plan for your business emerges.

The Strategic Outcome
After going through this process, all your resources will be focused on achieving the same outcomes. Your business will be energised, and you will be making the most of all opportunities.

The components of the strategic planning process fit together tightly. And they feed off each other. So it is important that you use the Model structure when you create your Strategic Plan.

Working through the stages of the model gives you an overview of the business building process.