Building your Mission

What is the most important factor for business success?
Knowing exactly where you are going !
There can be no doubt about it. If you are absolutely clear on where you are going with your business, your chances of getting there are improved enormously. Of all the components of the business building process, articulating and understanding your Business Mission is by far the most important. Which is why it is essential that you work on your Business Mission before you do anything else.

It always helps to start with the end in mind. Your Business Mission is a detailed picture in your mind, of just what you want your business to become. Getting clear on your Mission is probably the most important part of doing a Strategic business plan. You will only get to your destination if you know exactly where it is.

Amazingly, most people in business don’t have a clear vision and mission for their businesses. Which is a major reason why many businesses stagnate. They continue to tick over, but never reach their true potential. So give some careful thought to just what you want your business to become. And capture those ideas by writing them on paper.

A useful way to get started on fleshing out your Business Mission, is to ask the question : “If this business was a stunning success, what would it look like?”. When asking this question, look at the business from different angles. From the owner’s perspective, from the customers’ perspective, from the teams’ perspective etc.

When you are clear on your Mission, you are ready to start work on other components of Business Building process. Your next step is to understand current issues by Analysing your Business.