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A Dispute Over Refinery Upgrades

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Construction turnaround services are planned years in advance to make sure that the impact to workflow is minimal. The extensive planning is to be sure that there are no mistakes, as extended down time is costly for the owners of the plant. During all phases of planning, it’s important to allocate risk and document everything. Here are some tips to help crews navigate construction disputes.

Designate Indemnity Provisions              

One of the most effective methods to stop a dispute before it starts is to designate an indemnity provision that puts financial responsibility on certain parties to perform a job without injury. These are usually part of a contract between contractor and owner, because the owner isn’t responsible for what happens on the site. If an accident occurs, for instance, the owner shouldn’t necessarily be at fault if he or she was not directly related to the cause of the accident. An indemnity helps provide some safety against that type of litigation.

Mediation or Trial

In cases where insurance doesn’t solve the issue, it may be necessary to take a dispute to court. At this point, both parties have the ability to mediate the dispute if they are willing to do so. Private mediation will help both parties arrive at a mutually beneficial decision, and it doesn’t carry the risks of trial. With trial, the outcome of a case can shatter relationships in addition to bringing financial burden. Mediation can help mitigate some of that risk, but it’s important to approach mediation with an open mind. Typically, both parties accept some fault during mediation but the outcome is typically beneficial to everyone involves.

Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting is a firm that specializes in commercial and residential construction projects, including management and turnaround services. Lyle Charles is also licensed as an expert witness and structural steel expert.

Is Your Business in Legal Trouble?

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It’s become easier than ever for a company to find itself in legal trouble. Perhaps your business is facing this type of issue right now. Interestingly enough, it’s not the stigma it once used to be. No one wants to be in legal trouble, of course. But with ever more regulations begin passed each year, the next more complicated than the last, it’s not hard to see why it happens.

In any case, the reason your company is facing legal troubles isn’t the important thing. What is important is what you plan on doing it now. The absolutely worst thing you can do when facing legal problems is not act. Inaction is worse than the wrong action for a number of reasons.

This is especially true when it comes to the construction industry. Don’t let things get worse due to apathy. Instead, seek dispute resolution services, also called mediation.

With the right construction consulting services, your company will have both the expertise and experience at their back. While it will cost you money to benefit from these advantages, chances are it will cost you far less to handle the matters right the first time than let things get far worse.


Lyle Charles Consulting is the company you need for plenty of construction advisory services that help make your build a smooth one. Whether you need interim short term management services, an expert witness or just help smoothing over a rough patch, they’re the ones to call.



The Pocono Family Resorts are Stunning

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It’s not very often that you find a part of the United States that hasn’t been touched by industrialization or urbanization in some way. In Pennsylvania, there’s still an area called the Poconos mountain region that is home to Poconos family resorts that are the perfect getaway for anyone looking to take a break from reality for some time. They’re located in a mountain range and are surrounded by lakes and valleys.


Although these resorts are sometimes expensive, they’re the epitome of perfection and beauty. The area isn’t very densely populated and although visiting the towns in the area may be fun, it’s the views and scenery that keep visitors always coming back for more. Having said that though, some residents commute to New Jersey and New York City on a daily basis because of the job opportunities that are there. If you’re vacationing in the area, you too can make the drive or take the train to the big city to take in a little night life!


If it’s your first time to Poconos, you’ll notice that there are many Poconos mountain resorts to choose from. It’s not easy to decide on which one to fulfill all of your relaxation desires, but a good place to start is They’re a well renowned lodge in the area and can give you an idea of what Pocono meeting facilities look like and what the experience of being in the mountains will be like. Obviously, it’s always a good idea to shop around before making a decision about what lodge to stay in, but if you get stuck for choices, they’re all pretty fantastic when you’re in Pocono!

The Right Drunk Driving Attorney Can Help Sell Your Story

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When you think about a charge of drunk driving, a jury is immediately going to have an opinion of you that you are not a good citizen.  In many drunk driving cases though, there are always two sides to the story, and there may be instances when the person truly was not guilt and was charged incorrectly.  This is when having the right drunk driving attorney by your side can make all of the difference.


Having an expert attorney can do all that is needed to be sure that you get a fair deal in a court of law.  This attorney will work with you as you deal with the judge, jury, as well as the prosecutors.  They are experts and will know just how to handle each unique situation they are faced with.  They will also know how to take the facts and present them to a jury in such a way that they completely sell your side of the story to them.  By utilizing their experience, these experts will work to be sure that at the end of the trial, the bottom line is that you are not guilty, and you can go home free.


Representation in the court of law is pivotal, which is why experts such as Daniel Kay, Attorney At Law are so respected in the state of Illinois and across the United States.  Daniel Kay is one of the most well respected criminal defense attorney Illinois has to offer.  The firm has specialized in the field of DUI defense attorney for years and will be sure you get a fair shake in court.