Business Marketing Strategies

A Marketing Strategy is the most powerful tool in the Business Building toolbox. A good Marketing Strategy can make the difference between stunning business success and chronic underperformance.

How to write marketing plans is an ongoing challenge for people in small businesses. Mainly because they don’t have all the information they need to make marketing plans that really work!

Marketing is basically an information driven activity. So you need good information to create marketing plans that are right for your business. Information about your business, the competion, what makes you different, and how you can stand out in a crowded market. This information enables you to write marketing plans that are well informed and not pie in the sky.

Working through the Business Planning Model helps you sort out the wood from the trees and gives you the focus you need. Doing this makes it easier to create marketing plans that drive performance and results. Next you need to relate these insights to established marketing principles. Then you are well placed to develop a marketing strategy that will drive your business abd achieve your goals.

So you need a good small-business marketing resource. By far the best one available to you, as a small business owner, is Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide. It contains everything you need to know about attracting people who are interested in your product, and then getting them to part with their money! Strategic Business Plan, and then put it into action.

We have provided you a link to Amazon below to find out more about this book and/or to purchase it.

Other Marketing Books

There are lot’s of other good small business marketing books available on – so many that choosing the right one is confusing!

So here are three books that contain key information and ideas for putting together a powerful marketing strategy :

Positioning -Strategic marketing from a renowned guru. Stuff that you must get sorted out up-front, so read it first.
Selling The Invisible – Stories and examples that teach powerful strategic marketing lessons
Guerrilla Marketing – Low-cost practical tips and techniques for putting your strategy into action.

Read them in that order to get the maximum benefit from strategic marketing and practical marketing ideas. After working through the third book, your marketing strategy and what you have to do to implement it, will be clear to you.