Business Strategy

Getting your Strategy into Shape
Here, we look at some of the essential elements of your business that you have to work on to achieve the business success you are after.
Working through the Business Building Model will have given you some ideas on how to go about making your business a stunning success. Now you need specific input about the tactics you will have to use. This page provides access to useful information and resources that help make your strategy an absolute winner!

What Tactics you need to use to make your Strategy and Business Plan really powerful, depends on the nature of your business. But there are some tactics and strategies that no business can do without.

Key Strategic Tactics are described here to give you ideas on shaping up your Business Strategy. Get ideas that could make a big difference you your business, about Strategy Coaching, a marketing strategy, an internet strategy and Goal Setting.

Strategy Coaching is Really PowerfulBy far the smartest tactic, is to use a Strategy Coach to help you flesh out your Business Strategy and put it into action. Doing this increases your chances of successfully formulating and implementing a business strategy by thousands of percent.
You have probably realised that, for your business to achieve a level of success that it hasn’t had in the past, something has to change. And change is never easy. Which is why using a Strategy Coach makes such good sense. You are guided through an intense learning process, you get expert advice and all the knowledge resources you need, and you get tons of ongoing support.

As a StratPlan Coaching client, you are able to rely on a support system that makes the most of everything you have to offer. Consider what it will mean to you to have a highly successful business. And see how Strategy Coaching helps you turn this dream into reality.

You Must have A Getting It Done plan\The sad reality is that most Business Plans and Strategic Plans never get off the ground. Basically, it is because action is not taken and that great Strategy never sees the light of day.
A Business Plan is only as good as the action that is taken to implement it. Because we are so busy with operational stuff in our businesses, this is where the Business Building process often falls over.

A part of your Business Plan should be focused on ensuring that action required by the business plan, actually sees the light of day. That is the Getting it Done Plan. If you don’t give special attention to this part of your business plan, that is all it will ever be – a plan.

A goal setting process ensures that your strategy is turned into action. See the goal setting page for details.

Everyone Needs a Marketing Strategy ….…. because we all sell something. If you don’t put together a well thought out Marketing Strategy for your small business, the chances of it prospering are very slim!
Your Marketing Strategy is all about figuring out what customers want and then getting them to buy from you. So it is a key part of your Business Strategy. Have a look at the marketing strategy page and consider using some of the excelent resources.

From a strategic perspective, your marketing strategy is the most imporatnt component of you business strategy. Because nothing happens until sombody sells something …

You Must Get Online
As a small business owner with lots of competitors, you really need to have a web presence. If you are not online, you are operating at a big disadvantage. And that disadvantage is getting bigger the whole time.
Perhaps the biggest challenge that small-business owners have to deal with, is attracting customers and getting them to buy from you. The internet is becoming a an excellent tool for doing this. Because the internet is still so young, it gives you a golden opportunity. Use it to build a winning edge over your competition.

By making the internet a key part of your marketing strategy, you are able to leverage off everything that you have already done off-line. See the internet strategy page for useful ideas and guidance.

More Tactical Information
Continue to look for and absorb all the information you can find on tactics that support your Business Strategy. Useful free resources for doing this is include :

Small Business Advisor

A word of warning. Browsing these marvelous information rich websites can be very time consuming. And, if you don’t manage the process, doing this can be very unproductive. So work on your strategy first. And use these free knowledge resources to fill the gaps.

Working through the Business Building Model focuses your Business Strategy. Innovative and resourceful tactics will give your Strategy ongoing power.