What an Employee Criminal Check Might Show

A lot of people know about the importance of an employee criminal background check. But these days with the way that the crime rates are rising this kind of employee criminal check is even more important than ever. There are a couple things that this employee criminal check is going to show the employer about a person.

  • Robbery – The check is going to show the employer if the person has ever committed a robbery. This is especially important if the person wants to work with money as a cashier.
  • Violent act – The check will also show the employer if the person has ever committed a violent act.  This could include murder, domestic violence, or other kinds of violent acts.
  • Molester – It will also show the employer if they are a child molester.  This is essential if the person is going to be working around children.  If the work is in a school or in a daycare, they will not want someone who has child molestation charges brought against them. So they want to know whether or not they had a problem with this in the past.

If you are an employer, think about these things about preemployment screening. Are you interested in knowing more about it? You can get some more information about screening potential employees at Tenant Screening Services LLC. They can give you the information needed and help you with checking the people that you might be hiring before you hire them for your business.